“Will a man rob God? Yet you rob me. But you ask, ‘How do we rob you?’ ‘In tithes and offerings!'”
Malachi 3:8 (NIV)
At The Saint, we do not do fundraising to support our core operations and ministries. By trusting God for the wisdom, practicality, and proportional giving that tithing offers, we can avoid selling chicken and spaghetti dinners, chocolate bars and donuts, tickets or ads, and having multiple “special days” with innumerable assessments and offerings! We simply trust our members’ obedience to God to tithe and to give offerings over and above their tithes! Our Pastors provide us with quarterly line-item budget reports, and annual independent audits. Please use this secure area as a convenience to you, as a member – or as one whom we pray will partner with us in Ministering to Memphis!
  • Enter your contribution allocation by providing the desired amount next to the line item(s) of choice.
  • Once completed entering all the desired amounts, click the “Calculate Total” button.
  • [OPTIONAL] Enter the name you want to record the contribution allocation in the “Name To Record” box.
  • Once the total has been calculated, then click the “Enter Payment” button to enter your payment information.
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We Accept:

* Contribution Allocation
(Love Offering for Pastor)
This is not for payments, ONLY charitable giving

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We thank you for your generous contribution to the ministry of St. Andrew A.M.E. Church. While we acknowledge your designation of funds, please be advised that the Official Board reserves the right to reallocate funds to specific areas of need.

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We Accept: